Handcrafted in Austria

Each product is tailored by me with care and precision to offer your dog the best comfort and the latest trend

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Handcrafted in Austria

Tailored with care and tradition to provide your dog with comfort and style.

High-quality materials

Selected fabrics and robust materials for long-lasting dog equipment.

Horns from Bavaria

I use high-quality horns directly from Bavaria for your products

Every piece is unique

Individual design for your furry friend – every accessory is as unique as your dog.

Make dogs' hearts beat faster!

This is what our happy dog ​​owners say

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Lina Meyer


I love the new collar I bought for my dog! The quality is simply more than nice, and the personalized imprint makes it truly unique. My dog ​​couldn't stop wagging his tail with joy!

Carl Weischel


It's a good thing I chose the keychain with the paw print. It's so nice to always have my furry friend with me, even when I'm out and about.

Claudia Novak


My dog's DogBedToGo bag has become my new favorite companion :) It absolutely suits my taste and not only that. It is also extremely practical! I can easily take all of my dog's important things with me such as treats, toys and poop bags.

Entdecke meine Premium Leder-Halsbänder, individuell für Dich gefertigt

Entdecke die Exklusivität: Dein maßgeschneidertes Lederhalsband, von mir für Dich gemacht!

Wähle Dein Wunschleder sowie Deine Wunschfarbe und los gehts!

Fettleder Halsbänder

Ich fertige jedes Fettleder-Halsband maßgeschneidert an, um perfekten Sitz und individuellen Stil für Deinen Hund zu garantieren.

Straussenbein Halsbänder

Meine Straußenbein-Halsbänder sind Luxus pur. Sie werden individuell nach den Maßen Deines Haustiers gefertigt, um Eleganz und exklusive Passform zu bieten.

Nappaleder Halsbänder

Ich designe jedes Nappaleder-Halsband nach Maß, bekannt für seine Weichheit und Eleganz, um Komfort und Stil perfekt zu vereinen.

Premium dog beds – the DogBedToGo for your furry friend

Ready to discover the coolest dog accessories? My products not only make your furry fluffy friend happy, but also make you look stylish. Take every walk to the fashion show and treat your best friend to something very special.

It's made with passion!

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Emanuel Ganzer

who we are

As a product designer with Italian roots in the fashion sector, I have made it my mission to create handmade products made from fine materials for your furry friend. My heart beats for quality and uniqueness, and with Handmade4dogs I want to underline the special connection between you and your dog through stylish and long-lasting products. My mission is to enrich this bond and give you the opportunity to express it with each of our products. In my small workshop in Upper Styria, I passionately create high-quality pieces for discerning dogs and their owners. Welcome to the world of Handmade4dogs – made with passion.

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Ein exklusiver Blick hinter unsere Kulissen

Jedes Stück ein Unikat: Folge mir, Emanuel Ganzer, auf dem Pfad der Handarbeit, wo Leidenschaft und Präzision aufeinandertreffen. Entdecke, wie ich einzigartige Hundeprodukte von Hand fertige und erhalte exklusive Einblicke hinter die Kulissen von Handmade4dogs

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